Epic AVI Cellular DAS Systems can boost your mobile devices in any home, office or commercial space.

Our solutions ensure you are able to use your mobile devices in all parts of your home, office or commercial space. Mobile devices are critical tools for productivity, job performance and everyday life activities. We ensure you have mobile access at all times, in every room.

No more dead zones

Landlines are a thing of the past

People use their cell phones more than ever and rely on strong cellular reception in their homes, offices, and commercial buildings. Our homes, offices and commercial buildings are made of concrete, brick, metal, and insulation, which can block even the strongest cellular signals. With the growth of mobile devices, and how much we rely on them, it is essential to have signal in all rooms.

Our cell signal boosters work to capture the available signal outside the building, amplify it, and broadcast it indoors. This way, you can experience better voice quality and flawless data transmissions in any room.


Most mobile devices drop calls due to the location of the nearest cell tower. A mobile device signal booster or amplifier catches the cellular signals from outside and then amplifies the signals to the indoor spaces by installed antennas. Some of these antennas are inside and some are outside. How big your home, office or commercial building are will determine the number of antennas needed.


  • No more dropped calls
  • Increased call quality
  • Superior internet speeds
  • Can support multiple users within the home, office or commercial building
  • Extend your mobile battery life because your phone does not have to work to find a signal and keep hold of a weak signal
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