Challenges of Video Distribution

There are two major challenges when implementing high definition video distribution. The first issue is the video signal’s data rate (or bandwidth). The effects the maximum cable length as there is data loss over longer distances. So the higher the…

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Whole Home Video Distribution

High Definition Video Distribution is the process of sharing a high definition video and high definition audio feed across many high definition televisions. This has many commercial and residential uses. From retail video displays, conference rooms, to in home theaters,…

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Installing a TV on Your Fireplace

People often have negative advice about installing a TV over your home fireplace.  In many cases, the reasoning is based on some commonly misguided myths.  The important item to remember is that you need to utilize a professional A/V installer…

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Prewiring Your Media Room

Are you building a new home, remodeling or adding a new room?  If you are involved with new construction then prewiring is important to the success of your media room or home theater. Prewiring is the process of wiring your…

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What’s (not) in your Private Theater?

As private theater design consultants, we come across a lot of theater and media room projects.  Unfortunately many of these "high performance" projects do not include some essential elements required to deliver performance.  Sure, they may have very high performance…

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Home Theater Installation

Before you embark on installing a new home theater system or starting a room conversion, there are many things you should  consider first.  To begin with, there are many steps to the process and for best results you should choose…

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