What Wiring will I Need for Video Distribution?

Various systems run on different kinds of wire. Some solutions use existing antenna coax cables and require no new wires. Other solutions require new coax cabling or can be implemented on CAT5 or CAT6 wiring (normally considered Ethernet network wiring for computers). HDMI over IP technology (HDMIoIP) exists and there are many new transmitters and receivers on the market.

For existing coax cabling, the distribution system runs the video source as just another channel on your existing coax.

CAT5 wiring has become increasingly inexpensive and is much cheaper than coax. It also has boosters available which allow it to send high quality video and audio up to 1,000 feet. CAT5 cabling can also distribute electrical power (POE – power over Ethernet). Best of all, CAT5 cabling is easy to work with.

HDMI over optical cable is another option, albeit a very expensive one. It is highly recommended to use a professional if installing optical cables.