Installing a TV on Your Fireplace

People often have negative advice about installing a TV over your home fireplace.  In many cases, the reasoning is based on some commonly misguided myths.  The important item to remember is that you need to utilize a professional A/V installer to address any issues that may arise.

freshink2Common Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Neck Strain – The upward angle of the TV will strain your neck.

FALSE – There are multitudes of TV mounts which can swivel any direction (called arm mounts) or tilt mounts that can tilt the TV downwards.  In any case, the TV can be tilted for best viewing without neck strain.

Myth #2: Heat Damage – The fireplace will generate heat and smoke when in use.  This could damage the TV.

FALSE – A TV will actually produce heat during normal operation.  If you touch the back of your TV while using it, you will feel heat.  So some amount of heat is acceptable.  Now touch the top of your fireplace during operation.  It is not hot.  This is because fireplaces meet modern building standards and are insulated, which traps the heat inside the fireplace and properly channels the smoke through the flue.  This prevents your TV from receiving any heat or smoke damage.

Myth #3: Electrical Cords – You can’t run electrical wires through your fireplace, you will have messy visible wires.

FALSE – It’s is easy to prewire an outlet or to relocate an existing one.  Most newer homes have a prewired box for electrical and perhaps even coax.  If you are in the building phase, consider an A/V expert to consult on prewiring.  In existing construction, a licensed electrician can safely and cleanly relocate an outlet for you.

Benefits of a Fireplace Mounted TV

Mounting a TV on the fireplace is aesthetically pleasing and stylish.  A fireplace provides a beautiful place to mount your TV.  Additionally, a fireplace is one of the most structurally sound elements of your house.  This provides a sturdy, structurally sound mounting.

A fireplace mounting will also free up space so you can utilize your other walls for furniture, pictures or artwork.

freshink3Outdoor Fireplace Installation

The benefits of an indoor fireplace installation also extend to mounting a TV on an outdoor fireplace.  There are also weatherproof enclosures you can use for outdoor mountings.  Outdoor theaters can turn boring, unused outside areas into fun entertainment areas.  For outdoor installations, a professional A/V installer is recommended to help professionally mount your TV and setup an outdoor audio system.  Outdoor theater installations present challenges that indoor installations do not.


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