What’s (not) in your Private Theater?

As private theater design consultants, we come across a lot of theater and media room projects.  Unfortunately many of these “high performance” projects do not include some essential elements required to deliver performance.  Sure, they may have very high performance equipment, many times very expensive equipment – but the owners of such bespoke systems are not experiencing their full potential!

Home Theater DallasIt seems the industry pays lip service to the value of properly engineered & properly acoustically treated rooms.  Everyone seems to agree this provides a much better experience for our clientele.  BUT, when faced with any resistance or low priced competition, many lose their resolve.  Rather than working to convince their client of the enhancement proper engineering and acoustics will provide, they jeopardize results by giving in.

It is true – properly engineering & acoustically treating a room isn’t convenient; it isn’t plug & play.

The room, system and configuration must be carefully analyzed so that the specific treatment plan is specified that is appropriate for the issues found in each room.  Random placement of treatments, or worse, over-treating all available surfaces with incorrect narrow-band acoustical absorption can be very detrimental to the experience, often worse than doing nothing at all!

The Objection

A frequent objection we get from system integrators is that the clients don’t appreciate the value of engineering or acoustical treatments, and think that by purchasing high performance equipment they can overcome acoustical anomalies in their rooms.  You know that is not true.  In fact, the worse the room and the costlier the system, the greater the disparity between investment and performance!

It is your obligation to your clients to help them understand the truth.  Their investment in high performance systems needs to be supported by properly engineering & acoustically treating their room.  They need to know the risks of skipping this important part of the system!  You need to help them understand that turning up the volume will just make it worse & calibrating a bad room is like putting lacquer on un-sanded hardwood.

Our Illumination Acoustical Analysis service provides room specific acoustical analysis, identifying the specific acoustical dallas home theater companytreatments appropriate for each room and the optimized listener & speaker positioning within the room.  The results are delivered in a detailed acoustical analysis report which documents the results of the analysis with graphs and commentary along with a floor plan, reflected ceiling plan and elevations of the four walls depicting the locations of listeners, speakers and acoustical devices.  Easily understood text supports all the scientific and schematic data so your client will have a good understanding of what their experience is going to be.  The report comes complete with a bill of materials for the acoustical devices specified so that you can sell them to your client.

Illumination is our entry level service and, in fact, is part of every Paradise Theater Design & Engineering package.  It is an important part of the comprehensive process to engineer and design high performance private theaters.  For more comprehensive services – Paradise Theater offers “Performance Theater Engineering” (PTE), Foundation and Fusion Design & Engineering packages.