Conference Room Technology

The Importance of Your Conference Room

Conference Room Technology

Do you like some sizzle with your steak? A great presentation can be the difference between closing a deal and walking away empty handed.  Likewise, the technology you use to give that presentation can be the difference between the ‘wow’ factor and being only marginally impressed.

Enter the conference room – an often neglected part of the business.  Your conference room is where the big deals and big dollars happen.  Shouldn’t it look the part?  You can have a great presentation but there’s a big difference between five people huddled behind a laptop versus everyone viewing a 55” flat screen professionally hung on the wall.

You’ve ramped up the technology for your employees and services, now it’s time to give your conference room some love.

Technology as a Selling Point

The days of pen and notepad are quickly disappearing to tablets and smart phones.  No longer does someone wheel in a cart with a VCR and Television.  Likewise dry erase boards are disappearing too.

New technology reflects positively on your business.  It shows that your company is current with the times and is on top of changing technology.  Great technology gives a first and lasting impression to prospective clients, employees, partners, etc.

Great technology with proper implementation can be that wow factor you need to make it over the top.

What Technologies Do I need?

To begin with, the conference room centers on your display.  Most meetings involve some form of presentation, video, or viewing of web sites – and you need a display that can interface with laptops, PC’s, and tablets easily.  It should be large enough to be able to be viewed comfortably by anyone in the room.

Your audio is the next important factor.  The speakers on a laptop are not meant for a conference room.  Likewise, two little Conference Room Technologyspeakers plugged into a PC at the front of the room may not be enough (nor do they look highly professional).  In the audio visual department, having speakers mounted in the walls and or ceilings throughout the room would be ideal.

Next, consider your lighting.  Your conference room probably has windows that can interfere with the ability to view a screen.  Or perhaps you have an extra need for privacy.  In most cases, your conference room will have blinds or drapes.  Likewise, it should have dimmable lighting.  In a higher technology conference room, the drapes, blinds and lights should be automated and handled in one place.

So you have full AVI (audio visual integration), and now you need the ability for collaboration.  Everyone in the room potentially needs the ability to connect to the internet, thus a WiFi network would be a great addition.  Sometimes people need to charge laptops or tablets, thus multiple power drops are very handy.  Don’t limit your conference room to your specific setup…consider a visitor who needs to give a presentation but has different equipment than you normally use and therefore needs different connections or wiring.

Automation – Bringing it all Together

Now that your room is setup, it should all be controlled through one simple hand held device.  It is possible to control your display, your audio, your lighting, and your blinds – all through one hand held device.  Imagine the impression (and jealousy) you’ll leave on potential clients.  Also, imagine the simplicity and smoothness that will become standard during presentations.  Gone are the days when someone says…”Can someone go get the IT guy?!”


Having great technology in a conference room is wonderful. However, if that technology is not seamless, installed poorly, or just doesn’t function right, you are probably better off not having that technology.

A professional AVI installer and a professional electrician can make all the difference in a sleek, seamless install versus a rat’s nest of spaghetti wire.

At EPIC AVI, we provide consultation on what is best for your needs.  We also can help in purchasing the right AVI equipment.  Our services continue full cycle through installation, training, and service.


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