How to Save Money with Home Automation

Home Automation Dallas

Have you ever arrived at work trying to remember if you locked the front door, set the alarm, or turned the AC back to normal? Have you ever went upstairs to bed and forgot to turn off the TV downstairs and didn’t feel like getting back up to turn it off?

Home automation can help give you peace of mind, as well as save you money.  Imagine arriving at work, pulling out your smart phone, opening an app and pressing a couple of buttons to shut down your entire house (turn off all the lights, turn off your TV, set your thermostat, etc).

A home automation system allows you to monitor just about anything electronic in your house.  This is easily done through a computer and now increasingly through your smart phone or tablet.

Some of the systems that can be controlled through Home Automation include:

  • Home Security Systems.
  • Speakers and Audio Visual Systems.
  • Lighting Control Systems.
  • Climate Control Systems.
  • Home Protection (Fire & Flood) Devices.
  • Pool and Spa.
  • Drapery Controls and Blinds.
  • Sprinkler Systems.

All of these systems and more can be controlled and monitored through one simple integrated home automation system.

The best part is, home automation systems can save money.  There are many ways to save money with home automation.  Money can be saved through bills, insurance savings, and extending the life of electronics.

Saving Money on Bills with Home Automation

A very simple and inexpensive step in the right direction is to change normal light switches out for smart switches which have occupancy sensors.  When no one is in the room, the lights will turn off automatically, thereby saving you money on your electricity bill.

Another easy step many homeowners have taken is to purchase a programmable thermostat.  It can be programmed to save money by not having to heat or cool your living spaces while you are not there.  It is estimated that 56% of the energy used in United States goes to heating and cooling.  Therefore a change can not only save money, it can help the environment.

There are even more intelligent systems like the “Nest” which can learn sense when occupants have vacated after 30 minutes and Home Automation Dallascan learn and set your thermostat at the most energy efficient level possible (anticipating your return and having the temperature comfortable for you).  There are also zone programmable thermostats which can segment your home or office into zones and heat and cool them as needed.

The newer generation systems can also be remotely controlled or controlled on timers.  So you can actually have automated blinds and drapes that close and open based on schedules or can be remotely controlled at the touch of a button.  Likewise your lights, climate control and other systems can be controlled.  The ability to more closely monitor and regulate these systems allows for significant energy savings.

Insurance Savings with Home Automation

Some insurance companies provide discounts to homeowners with home automation.  Most offer discounts for security systems as well.  The annual savings on your insurance policy could potentially be enough to help pay for some of the products or installation.

Extending Product Life

If a light bulb is dimmed or turned off, its life is extended.  If you are considering investing in newer, expensive LED lights, imagine doubling their lifespan by have them run properly through home automation.

The same is true for most other electronic products.  By turning them off their life is usually extended.  Over time, this provides significant savings.

By installing and using home automation you can save significant money as well as make your life easier.  Additionally, home automation systems are better for the environment.  Living with a better peace of mind – priceless.

EPIC AVI – Audio Video Integration

Home Automation PlanoWould you like to start upgrading your home to be more automated and energy efficient?  EPIC AVI can install smart lighting, audio visual systems, smart thermostats, and more.  We can consult with you to determine your home automation needs and provide, install, and integrate a system custom for your home or your business.  We’ll then show you how to use it!

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