Home Automation

Today, everything has become “smart,” and many appliances and controllable devices in the modern home are now readily available. Smart home technology, or home automation, is becoming very desirable.

Home automation offers convenience, security, and even energy efficiency. Some examples of the systems that can be controlled are:
• Heating and AC
• Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
• Electric Window Shades
• Motorized Sky Lights
• Background Music System
• Home Theater
• Pool, Jacuzzi, and Waterfall Operations
• Alarm Systems
• Energy Monitoring Systems
• Outlets can be smart controlled – so literally anything that plugs into an outlet can become “smart”.

These smart devices can be controlled from a single control unit that works for the whole house. Many can also controlled through a tablet or a smart phone. Most systems also work with the home automationdata network in your house (often wireless) and can thus be operated or monitored remotely while you are away.

One of the main factors in considering automating your home is the convenience factor. You can control things such as lighting, heating, and small appliances with the touch of a button from across the house or even if you are not at home. It can save you time. For example, you can set all of your window blinds to open at a certain time in the morning and then close at a certain time in the evening, saving you the times it takes to walk around your house and do it yourself. You can also save yourself trips home if someone lost or forgot their keys and can’t get inside using automated door lock systems.

You can greatly increase the security in your home by automating it. You can install motion sensors on walls, in ceilings, and outdoors as well as sensors for doors and windows. You can monitor your home with all kinds of video surveillance viewable from phones and monitors. There are many door lock systems you can integrate into your system that are keyless, that let you unlock the door with your phone, and will let you know that someone has entered your home.

Your home can be made more energy efficient as well. The use of motion detectors to turn off lights and devices in a room when they sense no one is in it anymore is one example. Control of the strength of light levels depending on how much outside light there is can be another example. Automated heating and cooling controls can help with forgetting to adjust your thermostat. If you leave home and later remember that you forget to turn down the heat, you can turn it down and also turn it back up again when you’re on your way back!

There are companies that offer planning, installation, and services which can make your home connected and smart. Integrators can use different kinds of technology that have the ability to control most devices and functions throughout your home and make them work seamlessly from a single system. Think of your remote controls and how you have one for your TV, another for your cable, yet another for your DVD, etc. Now imagine an all-in-one universal remote. The same example applies to home automation systems. You don’t want to have ten different remotes to run your home.

Home automation has been increasing in popularity recently. Prices of the hardware and products used have been decreasing and making it more affordable. Products are also being made more widely available at retail stores as well. The home of the future is becoming less futuristic and more of a reality.

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