Lake Whitney Media Room

Dallas Home TheaterWOW… Lake Whitney is pretty. Just under two hours away from Dallas is rolling hills, gorgeous vistas, wildlife, and a pristine lake. The one thing they do not have is a local audio video integrator. The client hired us to setup a media room in his living room. He has a beautiful rock fireplace that he did not want us to drill into. The solution… run a pipe from the ceiling down to the flat panel LCD TV to mount it to. The client acquired a brushed aluminum pipe for us instead of the standard black or galvanized steel version. This made a huge aesthetic difference. The brushed aluminum looked great! All the equipment was moved into the pantry in the kitchen. All the video and audio cables are run through the ceiling and then down to the subwoofer and the pipe to the TV. We mounted Artison speakers on the TV which gets the client the front left, center, and right for surround sound. We used his existing in-ceiling speakers for rears. We used a Focal subwoofer for the LFE (low frequency effect; the .1 in 5.1). The client uses Dish Network and a Bluray player for his sources. The Onkyo receiver supplies the surround sound for the media room and also allows for a different source to played out on the patio. All of this is controlled by an easy to use remote control. (Get rid of all the remotes on the table… use one.) The result… awesome sound, 1080P high definition video, and a happy client. They blessed the system with a Texas Longhorn game in high definition with some friends.