We offer anything from music or high definition televisions in all your common areas to projectors and drop down screens that make your presentations amazing.

  • Education Classrooms

    Say goodbye to those old chalkboards and make your classroom come alive by integrating projectors, smartboards, and audio systems.
  • Restaurants/Bars

    We install indoor and outdoor audio systems letting you or your customers set the mood for the occasion. Show your customer that big game or event on a 100″ projection screen or multiple flat panel displays set up around the room.
  • Boardrooms

    Collaborate with others in your boardroom by installing a multimedia and teleconferencing system. Share your presentations with one another through projection screens and built-in touchpanels that let others modify and share ideas with you.
  • Conference Rooms

    Save time and money by having us install a teleconferencing system that allows you to communicate and share documents with others around the world.
  • Training Rooms

    We bring that training alive by installing projection screens and an automation system that allows you to display training materials at the flip of a switch.
  • Digital Signage

    These are dynamically and electronically controlled signs that can be changed quickly and cost effectively. The most important part of a  digital signage network is the initial design and specification of the system.
  • Courtroom Presentation Systems

    We install projection screen systems that allow evidence  to be displayed and streamed from a laptop. We also install audio and video distribution systems which allow teleconferencing or out of room testimony to protect the confidentiality of a witness.
  • Medical Offices

    Keep your patients calm and relaxed with flowing audio. We can also install media displays that allow you to stream x-rays or other documents from one room to another for easy viewing by your patients.
  • Office Lobbies

    Keep your clients happy by streaming audio and video in your lobby. We can install flat panel screens which rotate random art or show a movie while they wait. We can also install an audio system to stream relaxing music throughout the office and lobby.